Course code Course Name Course Teacher
17/05/2016 Room No-702(4:00PM-6:00PM)
TE411 Technical Textile AI(1)+SAS(3)+AAF(1)
TE235 Engineering Ethics and Art of Living MSI(2)
TE211 Yarn Manufacturing-I NHM(1)+AHM(1)
TE4212 Specialized Apparel Manufacturing MRR(2)
Math121 Mathematics-II MAK(1)+TS(4)
STT 515 Specialized Technical Textile MMH(1)
MAT 105 Mathematics-III SH(1)
TE 133 Polymer Science MSS(1)
Total 19
18/05/2016 Room No-702(4:00PM-6:00PM)
TE419 Textile Texting & Quality Control-III AN(7)
TE231/ TE208/TE204 Apparel Manufacturing-I MRR(6)
TE4213 Textile & Environment MH(7)
TE313 Fabric Manufacturing-II AG(1)
Total 21
22/05/2015/2016 Room No-702(4:00PM-6:00PM)
TE323 Fabric Design & Analysis FS(2)+AI(1)
TE321 Textile Wet Processing-II FHA(3)+NF(1)
TE 233 Manufacturing Engineering NRD(2)
TE423 Fabric Manufacturing-IV MMH(1)
TE205 Textile Coloration-I with Lab SM(1)
PHY-III Physics-I SA(1)
Eng-122 English Language-II DMMR(1)
Total 13
24/05/2016 Room No-702(4:00PM-6:00PM)
TE417 Apparel Manufacturing-III MRK(4)
TE415 Textile Wet Processing-III ZU(2)
TE 413 Fabric Manufacturing-III MMH(1)
TE327 Textile Production Management TAC(3)
TE215 Textile Chemistry NJ(2)+DMK(1)+KZ(2)
GED 211 Bangladesh Studies FHS(2)
TE213 Fabric Manufacturing-I SAS(1)+AI(1)
TE404 Apparel Manufacturing-IV TAC(1)
Total 20
25/05/2016 Room No-702(4:00PM-6:00PM)
TE4110 Textile Mill Utilities MH2(1)+RI(4)
TE333 Economics for Textile Engineers TAC(1)
TE317 Textile Physics SM(2)
TE315 Textile Texting & Quality Control-II NF(2)
TE4211 Specialized Wet Processing SM(1)
CHE124 Chemistry NJ(1)
ACT231 Principle of Accounting SK(1)
TE335 Application of Computer in Textile FS(1)
PHY 122 Physics-II SN(1)
Total 15



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