Notice for Final (Improvement) Examination

Semester: Spring 2015

­­­­­­­­This is to notify that the Improvement Examination of semester Final Spring 2015 will be started from 12th September, 2015. For official purpose, we have to know the list of students who will participate in the Improvement Examination. For this reason, the students are instructed to complete the accounts related formalities on or before 12th September, 2015. 

(After then no student will be allowed to sit for the Final Improvement Examination.)

Basic Instruction:

  1. Collect the form of Improvement Examination from Mr. Md. Asif Hossain (Coordination Officer), Department of Pharmacy.
  1. Fill up the form with the signature of concerned Course Teacher. Without signature of concerned Course Teacher your application will not be accepted.
  1. Pay the Improvement Examination fees (TK 4500 + 7.5% VAT for 3 Credits and TK 3000 + 7.5% VAT for 2 Credits) in accounts and collect clearance form accounts section.
  1. Submit the filled form to Mr. KH Ahammad Uz Zaman (Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy) within 12th September, 2015. 

Muhammad Arifur Rahman

Assistant Professor & Head