Daffodil International University

Department of Pharmacy

Final Examination Schedule of M.Pharm. Program, Spring2016

Date Subject Code Batch Course Teacher Time Room & Invigilator
22-07-16 Advanced Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Discovery MPH 511 2nd ABF 06:00PM-8:30PM AF,  KZ (202)
Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis and Method Validation MPH 521 1st BKD 06:00PM-8:30PM
26-07-16 Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology   MPH 512 2nd DSR 06:00PM-8:30PM FIJ,  NZ (202)
29-07-16 Advanced Pharmacology & Toxicology MPH 513 2nd SA 06:00PM-8:30PM MMH, FIA(202)
International Marketing and Regulatory Affairs MPH 524 1st MAR 06:00PM-8:30PM
02-08-16 Advanced Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management MPH 514 2nd MRS 06:00PM-8:30PM SS, SA (202)
Advanced Biotechnology and Molecular Biology MPH 523 1st FK 06:00PM-8:30PM
05-08-16 Advanced Nutraceuticals and Food Technology MPH 515 2nd FA 06:00PM-8:30PM RKR, MMR (202)
Advanced Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics MPH 522 1st AKLK 06:00PM-8:30PM