Daffodil International University

Department of Software Engineering (SWE)

Office of the Chairman of Project/Thesis Committee

April 13, 2016


This is to notify that students who have submitted their Project/Thesis (SWE – 431) form for pre-defense are asked to present their project/thesis proposal on 11/05/2016. The details presentation schedules for the listed students are shown in Appendix A and B.

Ms. Rubaida Easmin                                                                                                                           Dr. Md. Asraf Ali

Lecturer &                                                                                                                                           Associate Professor &

Member, Project/Thesis Committee                                                                                                    Chairman, Project/Thesis Committee                                              Department of Software Engineering                                                                                                          Department of Software Engineering

**NB: For further queries contact with this number: 01847140012.


Appendix A

List of Assigned Supervisor for the Students of Pre-Defense

No. Student ID Name Area of Thesis/ Project Assigned Supervisor Name Designation Date/ Time  
  113-35-233 Md. Faisal Ahmed Game Testing Dr. Touhid Bhuiyan Associate Professor and Head


(9:00 am)

121-35-237 Supriyo Das  
  123-35-339 TouhidHossain Cloud Computing Dr. Touhid Bhuiyan Associate Professor and Head  
123-35-321 Md. Touhid Khandoker  
  123-35-336 Maliha Anjum Saki User content development Dr. Touhid Bhuiyan Associate Professor and Head  
  122-35-290 Touhidul Islam AI based 2D Android Game Dr. Shaikh Muhammad Allayear Associate Professor  
122-35-287 Md. Kamran Hossain  
  121-35-264 Abu Sadat Md. Soyam E-Commerce Md. Khaled Sohel Assistant Professor  
121-35-238 Md. Maruf Murshed  
  122-35-305 Md. Shohel Arman Measuring Turn Away Intention among IT Professional Imran Mahmud Senior Lecturer  
  121-35-261 FatemaTuz Zuhora MIS Imran Mahmud Senior Lecturer  
  123-35-312 Suchita Saparya Technology Management Imran Mahmud Senior Lecturer  
  121-35-270 Mahedi Hasan Nayeem

Technology Management and Security

Imran Mahmud Senior Lecturer  
121-35-259 S.M. Muzahidul Islam  
  123-35-331 Saif Jahan


Kaushik Sarker

Senior Lecturer

  121-35-248 Md. Nahid Islam

Android Application

Kaushik Sarker

Senior Lecturer

122-35-302 Muhammad Zakaria  
  111-35-169 Shoriful Islam School Management System Mr. Iftekharul Alam Efat Lecturer  


Appendix B

List of Assigned Supervisor for the Students of Pre-Defense

No. Student ID


Area of Thesis/ Project Assigned Supervisor Name Designation Date/ Time  
  112-35-206 Md. Palash Alam Online Shopping Cart Mr. Iftekharul Alam Efat Lecturer


(2:00 am)

  123-35-340 Abu Saleh Md Nayem Police Record Management System Syeda Sumbul Hossain



123-35-318 Ohedhur Rahman  
  122-35-295 Fatema Akter Online Shopping Cart Afsana Begum Lecturer  
122-35-289 Azmeri Afrin Tony  
  123-35-311 Tofiqul Alam Management Level Application Afsana Begum Lecturer  
  112-35-197 Paris Bala Web Application Farzana Sadia Lecturer  
  123-35-345 Sydul Islam Kazi Computer Network & Security Nusrat Jahan Lecturer  
123-35-324 Md. Ismail Hossain  
  123-35-332 Md. Sobuz Al Mamun Game Application Md. Anwar Hossen Lecturer  
  123-35-320 Riadh Arefin Android based Application Development

Rayhan Hossain Mukul

  122-35-291 Rafty Osman Web Application Nazia Nishat Lecturer  
122-35-300 Md. Mamun Rashid  
  123-35-314 Farzana Talukder Game Application Tasnim Rahman Katha Lecturer  
  123-35-337 Md. Sahin Food Order System Fahad Bin Zamal Lecturer  


Afrin Jahan  
  112-35-211 Md. Shahoriar Al-Shahin Data Mining Dr. Ashraf Ali Associate Professor  
  123-35-344 S.M. Asaduzzaman Nur  
Rashed Karim Head of Software, Daffodile Software Ltd.  
  123-35-310 Md. Golam Raihan HR and Payment Management Mahmudul Hasan Lecturer  
  122-35-306 Ronoq-uz Zaif Khan

Job Board Management

Mushfiqur Rahman

      Research Assistant  
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